Refund Policy
Our policy states that we do not accept refund requests for digital goods unless it is clearly indicated on the sales page. The reason for this is that digital products are fundamentally different from physical goods. When a physical good is returned to the seller, the merchant can still retain the original value of that product.
However, for digital goods, a return represents a complete loss for the merchant, especially if the course has already been consumed. While we prioritize our mission to help people make money doing what they love, allowing refunds hinders our ability to achieve this goal. We hope you can appreciate this perspective.
Our courses are designed to simplify the complex process of growing businesses and developing creative skills. We are passionate about ensuring the quality of our learning materials, and we extensively test them with beta users before release. The testimonials from our satisfied customers attest to this commitment.
Rather than requesting a refund, we encourage you to ask questions, participate in our webinars, and follow up on your enrollments to obtain the information you need to achieve your goals. Your feedback will help us improve our current products and develop better ones for the future.
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